About Us

No-one knows the extraordinary Fiji Islands like we do!  We are specialist Fiji travel agents located in New Zealand and can organise every aspect of your holiday, wedding, honeymoon or corporate event in Fiji. Whether your planning a family holiday, romantic escape, adventurous vacation or group getaway, we are here to help.


I’m Mike Dungan and together with my team here in New Zealand, we create Fiji holiday experiences of a lifetime for our clients. 

We know that an off-the-shelf holiday package may not suit your requirements. Perhaps you want something unique and personalised? That’s why our Fiji travel specialists are different to other companies.

We believe that every holiday should be special. It’s because we love Fiji so much that we dedicate ourselves to tailor-making the Fijian holiday of your dreams.

If you’ve already been lucky enough to visit Fiji, you’ll know it’s the most perfect place on earth.  If this is your first time, you won’t be disappointed. This beautiful archipelago still has pristine waters, just as it did generations ago.  The beaches are white and the tropical rainforests lush and shady.  Fiji offers everything from total relaxation to fun and adventure.

The Fijian people are world-renowned for their welcoming and friendly nature. Best of all, they encourage people to visit and enjoy their island paradise. The Fijian culture is extremely family-oriented and they find joy in helping you celebrate your time in Fiji.

Our Fiji travel experts have been travelling to Fiji for decades and know everything about this beautiful tropical paradise.  We know exactly which resorts will suit your specific requirements and budget.

We are Accredited Fiji Matai Specialists in New Zealand

fiji matai specialist travel agentA Fiji Matai specialist is someone who is knowledgeable about Fiji’s tourism products and can create an enhanced Fiji experience for their travel customers. The Fiji Matai program, created by Tourism Fiji, provides the international travel industry with knowledge about Fiji and it’s tourism industry.

For many years our team have been accredited Fiji Matai specialists. An accreditation of which we are very proud.  We regularly attend Tourism Fiji insight programs and visit the region several times a year to ensure we have the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in every way possible when creating Fiji Island escapes for them.

In Fijian ‘Matai’ means to be knowledgeable or to be an expert in something. As Matai Happiness Specialists, the team at Forever Fiji New Zealand are recognised to have the in-depth knowledge and experience of Fiji to help you plan and book your next holiday.

Sit back, relax and dream in anticipation of your amazing Fiji holiday as we do all the planning for you.


Mike and the team at Forever Fiji.