Fiji Adventure Holidays

Our specialist Fiji travel agents in New Zealand (NZ) can create a Fiji adventure holiday to suit your specific requirements.
The Fiji Islands are the perfect destination to immerse the kids in an organic, back-to-nature experience where devices are the last thing on their mind.

With 330 islands to explore and only a few hours from NZ, it’s hard to beat Fiji when it comes to action and adventure holidays. Our team of Fiji travel specialists in New Zealand can work with you to organise Fiji holiday that will ensure you’re appetite for adventure is satisfied.

Fiji is famous for the variety of activities available including snorkelling, scuba diving, jet boat riffing, trekking the tropical rainforests, white water rafting, sailing, surfing and kite surfing, zip-lining, skydiving and caving… the list goes on and Fiji has it all!

For many years our team have been accredited Fiji Matai specialists – an accreditation of which we are very proud. This accolade is only given to travel agents who are knowledgeable about Fiji’s tourism products and can create an enhanced Fiji experience for their customers. The Fiji Matai program, created by Tourism Fiji, provides the international travel industry with knowledge about Fiji and it’s tourism industry.

For advice and assistance planning your Fiji family holiday, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist travel agents.  We’re here to help.