Fiji is the most perfect place on earth and, best of all, it’s only a few hours from New Zealand.

The Fiji Islands and their waters are pure and pristine with white sand beaches, beautiful warm water and lush, tropical rainforests.

The Fijian people are welcoming and friendly, and they encourage you to enjoy their island home.  They are family-oriented and find joy in helping you celebrate your time in Fiji. Throughout the Fiji Islands, you will find a friendliness experienced nowhere else in the world.

Fiji Packages NZ

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No-one knows these extraordinary islands as we do!

We are specialist Fiji travel agents located in New Zealand and can organise every aspect of your island escape.

Our expert NZ team understands that sometimes an ‘off-the-shelf’ holiday package isn’t good enough. Perhaps you want a Fiji holiday that’s unique and personalised and that is exactly what makes us different. We believe that every holiday should be special and dedicate ourselves to creating Fiji holidays that will create long-lasting memories.